Our future is wrought with terror and peril. From dystopian empires fighting to dominate the world to the post-apocalyptic insurrections that oppose them… from the dregs of society to zombie hordes, there is little standing in the way of Earth being torn asunder; however, our future is not without hope. Whether wielding what only science fiction could claim as the technology of tomorrow, undergoing experimental medical procedures, or even having superhuman or otherworldly origins, many people of the world have gained what could only be defined as super powers.

Unfortunately, what our world needs is not just super powers, but superheroes – heroes who can fight against everything that seeks to destroy us. Can you survive the future? Can you be the superhero our world needs? Enter Oblivion.

Oblivion LARP, based in South Jersey, incorporates all of these unique elements and more. Taking place on a futuristic Earth, players can take up arms against extraterrestrial invaders, undead hordes, artificial intelligence, rival governments, opposing armies, and more.

Oblivion’s combat system allows boffer weapons, latex weapons, and NERF/NERF-like weapons. For those seeking more than mixing it up in direct combat, the game also offers an array of classes built for crafting, support, and even apocryphal faith.  There is also a unique, “between events game” called Death & Taxes which allows the players to explore the world on a much larger scale. Even further, the staff is driven by a fine attention to detail and focuses on providing in-depth plot. They also have a nostalgic yet expansive and easy-to-understand rules system. Everything these guys do is focused on the players’ enjoyment.

For anyone interested in the post-apocalyptic, scifi, or superhero genres or for those who simply want to experience something new, Oblivion is the place for you! Check us out at http://oblivion.immortalunbound.com

Benefits for Attending Other LARP United Events

  • Base cost for the first event as a PC is FREE (this is a universal rule that all Oblivion attendees benefit from)
  • For the first event only, new players may “level up” at a special cost (this is a universal rule that all Oblivion attendees benefit from)
  • If you are an owner/director at another LARP, you always PC for FREE (this is a universal rule that all Oblivion attendees benefit from)
  • If you’ve attended a LARP United event within the last month and since your last Oblivion event, then your Oblivion character will benefit from +1 Power Uses (of all types, including extraordinary power uses) for the event. This will allow you to exceed the normal cap of 4 extraordinary power uses.

All Oblivion LARP events, unless otherwise specified, are held at the Joseph A. Citta Scout Reservation, 229 Brookville Rd, Barnegat, NJ 08005. It is conveniently located near various major highways and is a central point in New Jersey, making it fairly quick and easy to get to from most areas of New Jersey, the greater New York area, and the greater Philadelphia area. Directions are pretty straight forward and take you right to where the camp is! It is also GPS friendly.


  • Base cost for the first event as a PC is FREE
  • Full-Time NPCing is FREE
  • If you are an owner/director at another LARP, you PC for FREE
  • To allow for a scale of affordability, base event costs range from $35.00 to $55.00, which affects what your character earns. Preregistration gives you $5.00 towards a Food Service Tab that you can spend at events on any Food Service item.
  • Various “extras” can be purchased at low cost to players to enhance their gaming experience, such as PCing multiple PCs at the event, getting extra items in the form of Survival Packs, and buying a limited number of extra levels and AP.

Food Service

Food service is strictly an a la carte system. We do not typically offer a feast (though, we do have made-to-order hot meals on our menu and, occasionally, there may be a larger feast for an additional cost). Costs for food service are very reasonable and vary from item to item, typically only $1.00 to $5.00 per item or meal.

Sleeping Arrangements

Our gorgeous camps always boast several large heated and air-conditioned buildings, most of which also have indoor plumbing, bathrooms, and showers as well as working kitchens. The trails, lake, tent sites, and acorn cabin sites are all just as beautiful and, together, make up a very large, atmospheric, and comfortable camp site.


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