Sovereign Scrolls

feast-1Sovereign Scrolls Larp is a class based, high fantasy game with steampunk elements. We are based in Southeast Texas. We have a dedication to the pursuit of high immersion and in-game atmosphere. We have created a rich game world called Ya’Ria where adventurers follow in the great deeds and exploits of their ancestors, Heroes of Antiquities, and even the gods themselves. Choose from among 12 distinct classes, a myriad of races, and choose your own path to tread.

Our game was founded in December 2011 with 18 dedicated players. At our Memorial Day 2013 event we had 60 players. Our fast growing gaming community is a close knit circle of friends with a shared fantasy vision.

As a gaming community, SS is dedicated to inclusion of all within our community. We have developed a culture that includes camaraderie, close in-game relationships, and genuine enjoyment of each other’s company. We are also a family environment. We welcome larpers with children and even run specialized plot and storylines for our young participants.

We strive for moments of deep, in-character immersion. These are the moments where one ceases to feel like they are playing a game and for a moment become their character. With no discernible separation between personal and public plotlines, all of our player base are vested in the world. SS plot creates in-game, first person documentation of history and current events that enables the player to gain an insight in actions occurring throughout the entire world. Finally, our props mistress ensures visually stunning and creative situations and encounters to aid in immersion.
For more information about Ya’Ria visit

Benefits for Attending other LARP United Games

Sovereign Scrolls rewards players from other games with 5 additional build at character creation.

If a player attends another LARP United event between SS events we will enter them into a drawing for a 3 month magic item.


This game is played at Camp Niwana, which is owned & operated by Camp Fire Southeast Texas. This is our home and we treat it as such. We volunteer and strive toward constant improvement.

350 Fm 256 N ,

Woodville, TX 75979


Sovereign Scrolls costs 40$ to play.

The first event, however, is always free!

Food Service

Feast costs 5 dollars to attend.

There is also a full service tavern, which charges out-of-game money, for meals throughout the event.  Items range from 1 to 3 dollars.

Sleeping Arrangements

The camp consists of numerous screened-in shelters, equipped with bunk beds, lights, and electricity. Unless you decide to put up a tent, you most likely will sleep in one of these cabins. A small number of shelters are “reserved” for specific game use, but any experienced player can easily point these out to you.

 For more information, please refer to this document on the subject of the camp and setup!

Event Expectations – New Players Guide


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