Shadows of Salus

Ben 4Shadows of Salus is a game about a group of survivors who have landed on a new planet after their home-world was destroyed. The game centers around PCs and attempts to give the PCs the power to shape the world around them through economic, political and military might. The PCs must work together to explore and survive on this new world.

Benefit for Attending Other LARP United games

 All players who attend other LARP United games receive 50 donation points that can be used to purchase in game benefits as well as an event for only $25 once reaching 450 points (limited 1 every six months).

Genre of Game


Style of Combat


Contact E-mail



20131 FM 16 W Lindale, TX 75771


PCs: $45
NPC: $20

Food Service

Meals are cooked to order and snacks available all day.

Meal pass option: for all non-NPCs $20 includes 4 meals and 2 snacks for the weekend.

Full Time NPCs eat free.

Sleeping Arrangements

We have climate controlled cabins (necessary for Texas summers) that have bunks in each cabin. – — -Sheets/sleeping bags and pillows need to be supplied by the players.

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