Travelers of Ki’Mara

179163_467415163354407_1112541370_nTravelers of Ki’Mara is a live-combat LARP that is going to play in multiple states on the east coast, to include NJ, PA, and Maryland.  While usually the LARPer problem of having to use different campground is a hindrance, Travelers of Ki’Mara embraces this aspect of LARPing with open arms.  The basis of this Steampunk game is that you are travelers and colonists, exploring a new continent, and the different camps and game sites are the various lands that you have discovered.

“Welcome to Travelers of Ki’Mara, a theatrical combat game that puts you in the role of colonists, fortune-seekers, and explorers as you journey beyond the frontier of civilization to stake your claim. This game takes place in a fictional world that has entered an age of industrial revolution and political upheaval as machines replace magic and swords clash with muskets. The spirit of adventure, shaped by the demands of a pseudo-Victorian society and the private interests of powerful leaders, have led to this grande expedition, but it is you who will ultimately see its success and decide its fate. A mysterious and ancient wilderness awaits you across a vast and trekless ocean in Ki’Mara.”


Benefits for Attending Other LARP United Games

Travelers of Ki’Mara is new to LARP United and has not yet settled on a benefit for players who visit or regularly attend other LARP United games.   When the staff decides on a benefit, this will be updated.


Travelers of Ki’Mara’s cost starts out at 45 dollars for the entire event, with various discounts or additional things that you can buy.  Find out in more detail on their Entry Fees page.

Food Service

There is no official food service for Travelers of Ki’Mara, so each player should pack food for the weekend.

Sleeping Arrangements

As Travelers regularly changes campsites, the sleeping arrangements also change on an event to event basis. Check into the details of the campsites when the events are posted, and to be safe, assume that you should bring your own bedding to be completely comfortable, no matter where you are


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