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Sacred Grounds is a Colonial Fantasy themed Larp that borrows many themes and aesthetics from many other genres including steampunk, hollywood westerns, and eldritch horror.   Take on the role of a colonist in the Town of Banner Rest and watch many different cultures and people work together to survive in the New World!

LARP United Benefit

If you attend another LARP United game between our events, you are awarded 20CP (Community Points) will be granted, this is equivalent to $20 in needed donation items and can be used to purchase many things including 2 extra XP for your character.


 Colonial Fantasy.


Lightest touch boffer combat


Faire Play, Montrose Pennsylvania

Faire Play does not have an exact address.  Faire Play Inc.’s Montrose, PA site. We are located 5 miles west of Montrose PA on SR 3029. We are 3/4 Mile from rt. 706.


Base Event(Full) $45 pre reg and 50 at the door
Half-Event(Single Period) $35 pre-reg or at the door
Secondary Character Registration $15
XP Buy In $10 for 1XP, maximum of 3 per event.  If buying for Secondary Character(after already purchasing for main) the cost is reduced to $5


Food Service

One free meal is provided on Saturday for Lunch or Dinner (changes event to event).  The game site included a fully functional kitchen and players can sign up for time to use it to cook.

Sleeping Arrangements

There are approximately 50 bunks indoors in cabins with electricity available (and space heaters on site).  There is plenty of open space for tenting and we offer incentives to those that decide to tent on an event weekend.  There is also extensive additional floor space for camping mats and air mattresses.


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