Legendary Adventures

Legendary Adventures LogoLA is a high fantasy game featuring nearly 100% player driven plot.  This means that if a player has something that they are looking to do either in terms of backstory or current goals the staff will facilitate that goal as part of the ongoing story line.

We are currently half way through our alpha season with a staff of LARPers with collectively have over 60 years of experience, a player base that has doubled at each event so far who are happy to help out a new person and bring them up to speed.  Our home is a 3000 acre camp with electricity in all sleeping areas, food is included in the event fee (2 breakfasts, Saturday supper and small snacks and drinks in between).

We offer 7 initial races, 11 initial classes each with apprentice, journeyman, and master levels, a prestige class system that allows players to grow in any direction they wish. We have an extensive magic system with over 15 schools of magic either in or prepared to be introduced to the game, an alchemical system that requires players to seek out components in our 3000 acre site which they then use to create their potions and elixers, and a well developed in game economy that allows players to create, buy, and sell everything from raw materials like wood and uncut gemstones, to armor and weapons created by the sweat of their own brow.

Benefits for Attending Other LARP United Game1

New players start with 15 build for skill purchase at Legendary Adventures.  Any LARP united player can start out with 20 build, and will get one additional build per event after the first they attend.


Medieval Fantasy.


Light touch boffer combat with combat archery.


3601 Bear Creek Blvd, Bear Creek Twp, PA 18702


Players pay 60 dollars for a weekend event, usually with no NPC shift required.  The weekend for NPCs are free.



Food Service

All meals are included in the price of the weekend.

Sleeping Arrangements

Bunkhouse style cabins with beds, mattresses, and electricity.  Overflow is cabins on raised platforms, which also has bunks and mattresses.



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