The Fallen Empires

The game was designed by a group of players that have been LARPing for 15-25 years each. We offer a broad system with a multitude of directions for players to develop their characters as they interact with the world.

The world is well developed, the story team has put together around 400 pages of world content at this time and it is growing every week.

The world itself is built on a structure of a lower common level, this means that the monsters and numbers are targeted on the lower end for 90% of the game. The purpose for this is to make the game accessible to a larger number of players and spectrums of builds. This is also reflected in our strategy for modules and encounters were we prefer to use quantity of monsters to create challenges over just over stating monsters.

Benefits for Attending Other LARP United Games

Fallen Empires offers 50 service points to players who have attended at least one LARP United event since our last event. These can be used monthly for an additional allotment of exp or other things as the player sees fit.


Fallen Empires plays with communities in both Texas and Oklahoma.


3323 Lodge Rd
Ardmore, Oklahoma   73401




Food Service

We provide an on-site Tavern. For PCs it is $20, for NPC’s it is free. This covers 4 meals and snacks over the course of the weekend.

Sleeping Arrangements

We rent out a group camp in southern Oklahoma, with 30 some odd cabins with with lights and power. Each cabin has spring cots with mattresses, and sleep 8-12 people.



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