The Vorydian Chronicles

carry VC

Vorydian Chronicles is a high-fantasy/steampunk game located in central New Jersey.  Their team of experienced game marshals and staff take a lot of pride in the details of their game, and they are always welcoming to new players.  Bring your boffer weapons, latex weapons and NERF guns to this game, painted in your best steampunk fashion, and get ready to shoot sword wielding bandits and clawed monsters until the sun comes up!

Not really into combat?  The Vorydian Chronicles has a detailed series of crafting classes for you to choose from, allowing you to make your own power-armor, swords, jewelry, alchemy and more! The community of non-combat or partial combat crafters is alive and kicking, and it is going to be an exciting event!

Benefits for Attending Other LARP United Events

  1. First event as a PC only costs $5.00 for insurance (this is a universal rule that all VC attendees benefit from)
  2. If you’ve attended a LARP United event since your last VC event, you will get +2 exp.
  3. Also, if this is your first event, and you’ve come from another LU game, then you will get 2 goody bags of random components,items, money, and/or boons for free.


The game is run out of the Girl Scout camp Sacajawea in Farmingdale, New Jersey.

242 Adelphia Road, Farmingdale NJ 07727


  • The First event costs 5$ for insurance.
  • The basic price for subsequent events is 35$, with discounts for preregistering.
    • LARP United Benefit gives a 10 $ discount to this cost.

Food Service

  • Food service costs 20 $, includes:
    • Meals on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    • Snacks in the tavern
    • Drinks at any time

Sleeping Arrangements

  • There are a number of buildings in which you can sleep in the camp, to include:
    • 2 heated buildings that sleep players in the colder months.
    • Neigh Infinite tents and a small number of cabins and yurts for the warmer months.
      • Note: some of the tents with hard sides and roofs are not taken down during the winter, and you can sleep in them in the colder months.  Be sure to pack accordingly.

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