Exile: Fantasy


Exile: Fantasy is a high-fantasy game located in southern New Jersey.  Their staff has been LARPing and running LARPs for over 10 years now, and love to pay special attention to individuals and groups that attend the game.

Not really into combat?  Exile: Fantasy has a number of crafting classes and items that you can make, as well as a fairly lively trade among st players and NPCs.  Custom buildings mean that you can decorate your area how you want, and can even leave it decorated for the next event!   Bring your props and set up shop!Their custom property, owned by a member of the game, allows for permanent buildings to be constructed and decorated, and in the two and a half years that Exile has been running, 7 distinct buildings have been made just for the game!  Boffer weapons, packet archery and latex weapons are all welcome at Exile: Fantasy, and you are going to need them!

Benefits for Attending Other LARP United Games

  1. ANYONE who attends ANY Exile game gets their first event for free.
  2. Anyone has attended another LARP United event since the last Exile event gets a packet of random items and coin.
  3. Anyone who has attended another LARP United event since the last Exile event gets 10 Incentive Points to spend on unlockable races!



The game is free to play for your first event.

Each subsequent event costs 20$.

Food Service

Food service is included in the cost of the event.  It includes:

  • Breakfast Saturday
  • Dinner Saturday
  • Drinks (cost in-game money) at all times
  • Snacks and little meals (ramen, soup, sandwiches, whichever is in the bar that month) at all times

Sleeping Arrangements

We have a number of buildings for sleeping, but few bunks.  So you may want to pack a cot, blow up mattress, or hammock.

  • Our Guard Hall is open for general sleeping.
  • During the colder months, our Tavern is open for general sleeping as well.
  • There are a number of buildings that were built by current players and used by them in-game.  They are open for sleeping as well, so long as you make friends in-game.

There are areas cleared for tents as well, though we ask that if you set up a modern tent you disguise it to look in -game.


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