Exile: Survival

Exile: Survival is a modern game located in southern New Jersey.  The game is all about going through horrific situations, (mostly Zombies these days!) and living to tell the tale!  NERF guns and Military Fatigues are all the style at this game, though boffer weapons and latex weapons are also heavily featured.

This game is high combat and high activity.  With a lot of fake blood and terrifying monsters, it might not be the best game for children to attend.  If you and your friends have an ongoing argument about who would survive zombies better, then this is the game for you!

SONY DSCBenefits for Attending Other LARP United Games

  1. ANYONE who attends ANY Exile game gets their first event for free.
  2. You get to start with 6 more bullets for any gun you carry.
  3. You get to start with one free healing syringe!

Cost, Sleeping Arrangements, Food

  • Cost: First event is Free!
    • Subsequent events are 20 dollars.
    • 15 if you are coming from another LU event
  • Sleeping Arrangements
    • There are numerous buildings that you can set up your sleeping bag/cots.
    • There are not many bunks, so you may want to bring a camping cot or hammock.
  • Food
    • The 20 dollar cost covers food, which is offered in a survivalist fashion.  Canned food, ramen, and sometimes sandwiches are available, as are drinks and water.  As this is a survival based game, you may want to pack some snacks in your bag!

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