Age of Revelations

 logo-whiteonblack1-300x277Age of Revelation is set in the world of Tass, a relatively new world consisting of 4 proud Nations, who are just recovering from a devastating war.  The land is fierce and has its own dangers, both mundane and mystical and overseen by the gods, known as the Saints.
The look/feel is circa 500 AD Rome, with mixed elements of low fantasy/supernatural, with equal attention to combat, trade and politics.  The general boffer combat applies.

Benefit for players who attend other LARP United Games

If a PC is attending other LARP United games, we would gladly take a $5 discount from their PC total as well as award 1 additional XP per event.


Camp Sacajewa 242 Adelphia Road, Farmingdale NJ,

Camp Amity Acres 133 Jones Road, Waretown NJ

Cost to Play

Costs to play – The base cost of attending an event (which gets you 3 Power Cycles, 3 XP) is $35.00. (10 per cycle + 5 for insurance)

Power Cycle Options are as follows

for those that like math, the below numbers show the cost savings per cycle as you purchase more, inclusive/exclusive of insurance costs):

+3 – +$20 ($55 total) (9.17/6.66 each)
+6 – +$30 ($65 total) (7.22/5 each)
+10 – +$40 ($75 total) (5.70/4 each)

Experience Options

+1 Additional XP (per event)- $5
+30 Additional XP (may be purchased annually) – $100
You may buy back unpurchased XP options (up to 6 + 1 per event) for all previous events for that calendar year at will, if you miss any events or chose not to buy them all during that event.

Renting Costumes/Equipment – Costumes weapons may be rented from the Game.  This is based on availability and you may not pre-designated specific items of clothing/weapons.  The cost of this is waived for all players who are PC’ing their first and second events.  The cost is $5.00 for costuming and $5.00 for weapon use (up to 2 items, weapons and shields)

NPC Shifts – All PC’s need to NPC for a length of time, depending on how many power cycles they purchase. PC’s have the option to opt out of NPC shifts for a cost of $10.00.  Full time NPC is free.

Base – NPC for 4 hours
+3 cycles – NPC for 4 hours
+6 cycles – NPC for 5 hours
+10 cycles – NPC for 6 hours

Some NPC shifts may be split up, if the PC’s wants/needs to due to RL issues, wants to go on a mod ect. Some NPC shifts will require the player to be played as their character.  Please email staff prior to the event or see staff at the event if you have a RL issue fulfilling your shift.

Sleeping Arrangements:

Tents, Yurts, Cots (as available)
Heated building for winter months

Food Service

Festivities – food may be pre-purchased for the festivities at $10.00 a person.  If you have a specific need we will need to know this ahead of time (as we purchase a platter for the group).  The specific needs will determine the cost.  Typically the feast will be chicken or pasta/salad, sandwiches ect.


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