The Destroyer’s Den


The Destroyer’s Den is a project aimed at giving players an experience while LARPing that is both fun and new, even to seasoned players. Join the experience!

Welcome to Xep, an Earth-like planet in a different time and place than our own; most of which is currently in a time similar to what we refer to as the middle ages. The lands here are divided into only two massive continents, the bigger of which is known as Focul. This incredibly diverse continent houses eleven of the thirteen nations found on Xep. These regions have long been torn by traditions of races keeping to themselves, and the ensuing violent struggles for personal territory that come with them. Many felt as though they were doomed to remain locked in this war perpetually, until that fateful day when something awful happened that proved itself a far worse threat than mere racial differences.


LARP United Benefit

Players who attend other LARP United games between Destroyer’s Den’s events will receive 5 Saga points at sign-in each time.  Saga Points can be spent on various things in the game.  You can find out more on their website!




Boffer Combat


The game plays at multiple locations, to include:

Camp Bear Creek: 7417 S Scout Rd Connersville, IN 47331

Nameless Creek Youth Camp: 2675 S 600 E, Greenfield, IN 46140

Bradford Woods North End Lodge: 7575 Beech Grove Road, Martinsville, IN 46151

Check the website’s events page to find out more!


Game runs Friday Night through Sunday Afternoon
Cost to PC 35$
Cost to NPC: FREE!!!!


Food Service

Usually between 10-15$ to eat for the whole weekend.

Sleeping Arrangements

Cabins: bunks with electricity, cooling, and heating, also space for Primitive Camping.


Destroyer’s Website

Facebook Page


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