pcmonstersKishar is a Boffer LARP set in a fantastical city full of danger and intrigue. Drawing inspiration from the Arabian Nights as well as classical Asian mythologies, we use a home-brew system that is encounter-based and encourages tactical play. Players choose from 20 classes and 20 races when creating characters.

Come swing a scimitar while chasing thieves across the Copper Bazaar, lounge on pillows around a hookah while discussing the latest gossip about the Sultan, or scheme and plot with the city’s devious elements. Magic, mystery, and intrigue await clever players at the Docks District Adventurer’s Guild!

Benefits to Players who Attend Other LARP United Games

This game offers 5 kismet (an in-game reward currency) to players who attend another LARP United game.


Monrovia, IN



$15 per game to PC

Free to NPC

Food Service

$5 for all-day meals, with occasional pitch-ins or feast games.

Sleeping Arrangements

On-site bunks for sleeping in a climate-controlled cabin, first-come, first-served. Tent camping outside in warmer months.


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