M3 (Mystics, Monsters, and Magic)

M3-logo-_L-_G-_-26M3 is a new light contact boffer LARP system with the first chapters starting in Colorado Springs and Denver Colorado.   M3 is based upon simple verbal commands and effects that are easy to remember and is intended to be enjoyed by many types and levels of players.

Location of LARP


Benefits for Attending Other LARP United Games

M3 is still establishing chapters and has no cost structure, such as membership or event fees, at this point.  LARP United members will enjoy access to exclusive in-game perks such as mounts or guardians only available to LARP United members.

Sleeping Arrangements:

No overnights currently planned.

Cost to Play

Free for now

Food Service

Food will be determined on an event by event basis.  The events are currently short-run, so food is usually required to be provided by the players.

Email: public@m3larp.com

Website: http://www.m3larp.com


3 thoughts on “M3 (Mystics, Monsters, and Magic)”

  1. Hello! I am the moderator of the site, and the owners of this game might not notice your comment here. The game’s owners can be contacted at the following e-mail: public@m3larp.com. You might have better luck getting in contact with them there, and I will drop them a line as well. Do you LARP often? Do you play another game in Colorado?

  2. Sorry for they very, very late response. I have been working on building interest in the Colorado Springs area. At this point, there are no planned events due to the strong player base in other larps in Denver. If I can get a few more people, I am hoping to run some events over the summer starting in April/May-ish.

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