Capes! Superhero LARP

 capeslogoCapes is a Superhero Larp. Be a Hero and save the day! Defeat villains, protect bystanders and solve problems.

Your hero can be unpowered, a normal human fighting against huge threats. Alternately, your hero can use superpowers, magical abilities and items, psychic abilities, or specialize with technology. The game system is easy to learn and flexible. Capes uses Boffers, Latex weapons, NERF guns and packets for attacks.

The game is meant as cooperative play, with a very story-like, Players-vs-Environment feel. The goal is that you (yes, you specifically) will feel heroic at least once during every game.

Genre of Game/Style of Combat

Superhero/Lightest Touch

Benefit for players who attend other LARP United games

Players who mention LARP United at check-in or during character creation will receive 1 Skill Point per LARP United game that you’ve attended since the last Capes game, to a max gain of 5 SP. For reference, starting characters begin with 10 SP, before backstory SP gain or Hero costume bonuses.

LARP United players or NPCs will also receive 5 influence at the start of each game.

Location of LARP

Dayton, OH (Campsites vary, check website.)

Cost to Play

Game fees are $50 for the weekend to PC or $40 if you preregister by the Wednesday before the event.  NPCing is always free.

Sleeping Arrangements

Subject to change based on the game location.

Food Service

There is a tavern that will serve food for additional cost. Menu depends on event. You’re always welcome to bring your own food, but cooking surfaces may not be available.

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