Games In LARP United

We are happy to have any new games, big and small, join up with LARP United.  LARP United is not run by any one LARP, nor are there really rules for the community.  It is simply each game involved offering incentives for their players to go visit other games, as well as for other games’ players to come visit them!  You decide how much you want to be involved in this community, no more, no less!


vcVorydian Chronicles is a high-fantasy/steampunk game located in central New Jersey.  Their team of experienced game marshals and staff take a lot of pride in the details of their game, and they are always welcoming to new players.  Bring your boffer weapons, latex weapons and NERF guns to this game, painted in your best steampunk fashion, and get ready to shoot sword wielding bandits and clawed monsters until the sun comes up!

Not really into combat?  The Vorydian Chronicles has a detailed series of crafting classes for you to choose from, allowing you to make your own power-armor, swords, jewelry, alchemy and more! The community of non-combat or partial combat crafters is alive and kicking, and it is going to be an exciting event!


Exile: Fantasy is a high-fantasy game located in southern New Jersey.  Their staff has been LARPing and running LARPs for over 10 years now, and love to pay special attention to individuals and groups that attend the game.  Their custom property, owned by a member of the game, allows for permanent buildings to be constructed and decorated, and in the two and a half years that Exile has been running, 7 distinct buildings have been made just for the game!  Boffer weapons, packet archery and latex weapons are all welcome at Exile: Fantasy, and you are going to need them!

Not really into combat?  Exile: Fantasy has a number of crafting classes and items that you can make, as well as a fairly lively trade among st players and NPCs.  Custom buildings mean that you can decorate your area how you want, and can even leave it decorated for the next event!   Bring your props and set up shop!

cropped-survival-head3Exile: Survival is a modern game located in southern New Jersey.  The game is all about going through horrific situations, (mostly Zombies these days!) and living to tell the tale!  NERF guns and Military Fatigues are all the style at this game, though boffer weapons and latex weapons are also heavily featured.

This game is high combat and high activity.  With a lot of fake blood and terrifying monsters, it might not be the best game for children to attend.  If you and your friends have an ongoing argument about who would survive zombies better, then this is the game for you!




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