If you want to help bring new games into LARP United, you are more than welcome to do so!  Anything that you think will be a good idea to draw more people into this community is encouraged.  You never need permission to do a panel at a convention saying what we are and why this… (Club?  Is this a club?)  …why this community is awesome, or helpful.

If you want to work together with other LARP United games that are attending your convention, and do special things to bring more players to the fold, by all means!  This is a community of equals, and anything that you can think of to promote it is great.  Please feel free to post on our Facebook page to find out if other people are attending the same conventions as you, and finding out if they want to do any activities or events with you.

Some ideas for Conventions:

(Please feel free to write the webmaster, or leave comments to suggest more!)

  • Games or mods run by multiple LARPs
  • NPCing for other LARP United games at Conventions, and asking if they will NPC at yours, so you have more cast
  • Games that go on between multiple tables, for example: a scavenger hunt between multiple tables, or a competition that utilizes random con-goers
  • Throwing Spell Packets at fellow LARP United players… Then getting yelled at, probably.
  • Accepting questions and discussing LARP United with games that are not currently in the community.
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