Exile: June 2016

June 24-26, Craig Farm, Williamstown, NJ

Summer is here!  Get ready for the Exile River to shift close to town again, bringing with it pirates, swamp monsters, bandits, dignitaries, and water balloons!

Exile is a high-fantasy, medieval LARP, with boffer combat, and packet archery.  It is played on its own property, a farm in Williamstown, NJ.

Location: Craig Farm, Williamstown NJ.

The farm is private property and the owners have concerns with the address being posted publicly.

Write JezzicaTS@gmail.com for more details!

Cost: 20$ to PC, 20$ to NPC.  All food included.  (Friday light meal, Saturday Breakfast, Lunch and Feast)

First Event is Free!

Website: Exile LARP

Facebook: Exile Facebook Group (Very helpful people!)

Weather Reminders

Please remember that our buildings are camping cabins with wood-stove heaters. It is summer, now, so be aware of the lack of air-conditioning and the like.  I recommend:

  • Extra clothes, in case you get wet (sometimes there are water balloons)
  • Light clothing
  • Extra face-paint, in case you sweat yours off
  • Deodorant: hot means sweat means smell.
  • Baby wipes
  • Bug Spray
  • Sun block

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