Exile April 2016: Shadow Valley

April 8th – 10th, at the Craig Farm.

KirEvery year in April, Exile (a fantasy game in Williamstown, NJ) runs a special event.  The players who usually PC switch it up with the regular NPCs, and they run the event for staff members and perma-NPCs.  All the players come into NPC land, take the reins, and give their NPCs hell!

It is a great weekend, and if it is your first event, you can PC and have a huge boost of power for that weekend (to keep on track with the other players).

Write JezzicaTS@gmail for more information.

(The Exile site is a privately owned farm, with a tailor-made campsite, our own NPC building, and a lot of room to play.  That said, the owners don’t want their address posted up and all over the web, so we just send it to you via e-mail or on Facebook.  Look us up!)

Facebook: Exile Community

Website: www.ExileLARP.com

Contact E-mail:  JezzicaTS@gmail.com


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