Welcome a new Ohio Superhero game, Capes!

capeslogoCapes!, a superhero game in Ohio, has just joined up with LARP United! Capes! is a game with a very open feel, where you play the hero in a world of adventure.  You can play an average Joe fighting against great odds, or a super-powered hero, battling against the forces of evil. Capes! uses the Lightest Touch boffer combat style, as well as NERF combat, and packet archery and magic systems. The game is designed to be a cooperative play environment, with a very story-like, Player-vs-Environment feel.  The goal of the event design is that you, yes, you specifically, will feel heroic at least once during each event, but hopefully many more times! You can find Capes!’ LARP United entry here. You can find Capes!’  official website here. And you find Capes!’ on Facebook here!

Check Capes! out today, and go be the Hero Ohio needs!


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