Bobbin, Spool, Needle and Thread

Costumes made for Halloween.

“So ya wanna make a costume? ANNNNND ya wanna do it for cheap… AND you want it to look good. GOOD GOLLY, ya must be crazy.” OR SO ONE WOULD THINK! Hi, I’m Baylee and I am a costume addict. (Hi, Baylee.) I’ve been LARPing for half of my life (10? 11? years). A LOOOOOOOOONG time. In that amount of time, I have always tried to find ways to get the most bang for my buck when it comes to costuming. (Especially when I was younger – $2 allowance does not get you much in the way of rogue clothes.) There are many tricks of the trade that I have picked up over time and I hope to share them with you. As much as I’d like to push my little business wagon around, I like to help my friends and fellow LARPers out a little BEFORE taking their hard earned cash. This means pointing you in the best directions for non-custom costumes. Things like coats and vests and pants and not Entropy Purple and Obnoxious Yellow, burlap and 16 yards of tulle, Assassin’s Creed-esc, fitted battle skirts and fancy ball gowns with 4 patches that you want done in a week for which will pay me in four weeks… I could go on…  😛 Anyway. So my posts are gonna be about costuming and, heck, prop stuff if you want. I am open to questions and would love to tell you of the stories of my costuming. Things like how 3 triangles of cloth sewn to your underwear 2 days before your 18th birthday is a BAD idea. And so on. I am always open to help a LARPer in need of a good looking costume. ‘Cause let’s face it: Nike sneakers and basketball shorts are not good costume pieces unless you’re running modern day scenarios. ASK ME STUFF. All my love, Baylee P.S. Maybe I’ll post something helpful tomorrow. 😀


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