Welcome: Broken Horizons!

We are excited to welcome Broken Horizons, a Steampunk/Horror boffer LARP that is looking to start up in 2014.

1926282_10203080653478997_637290761_oBroken Horizon is a Steam Punk Larp in South Jersey that was built in what seems like overnight. This horror game promises to provide action, role play, and Scream-Your-Head-Off-While-Running-In-Terror-Fun. We like to have fun, we like to scare our players and we to allow our players to use their imaginations and do what they can in the world we have built.

We welcome our players to come up with answers that we haven’t thought of to problems we present, and the game has a very player-run feel to it, with actions that the players take leaving permanent marks on the world.

Welcome to our world.  We invite you to come knocking: we’ll be waiting.


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