Welcome: Travelers of Ki’Mara!

1001514_467946926634564_1838956233_nWe are excited to welcome Travelers of Ki’Mara to the LARP United family!

We met Travelers at the Dreamation 2014 convention in Morristown, NJ.  A few existing members of LARP United was able to attend their first-ever event, which they held at the convention, and it was a resounding success.  Their production was through the roof, and their props and atmosphere/setting were very intense .  The setting for the convention event saw a large number of people together on a steamer ship, bound for the new world.  Of course, a number of things went wrong when the crew came under a strange sickness, and automatons popped up all over the place.  Couple that with a number of stowaways causing trouble for the already overworked crew, and we had a ship sorely in trouble.

The Travelers cast and crew put on a great show, and the game was a lot of fun.  I can’t wait to be able to attend their games at the various camps at which they are scheduling.

About Travelers of Ki’Mara

“The story of this LARP is ultimately about a caravan of travelers bound for Ki’Mara on board the Seventh Great Journey Ship. As a traveler your role is to traverse the rugged landscape of an ancient continent and discover itssecrets. The character you create might be a daring outlaw, a brave colonist, a powerful helatite magic-user, or a steam-powered mastermind. Alongside other travelers you will battle monsters and conquer a lost world. “

~From www.TravelersLARP.com

This game, far from being upset about having to move from camp-site to camp-site for each event, makes amazing use of what is usually a detriment to other games.  They want to move from camp to camp, because in the game, you are moving around a new continent, discovering the new landscapes and establishing new colonies.


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