Why Should My Game Join?

We LOVE the same thing!

We share a hobby.  There are so many LARPers out there, and not only can we learn new tricks or ways to run mods/games, but we can also burn off steam at another game.  As a game owner, I can certainly say that I get stressed on a regular basis, always doing the work for the game and rarely able to kick back and relax.  Being able to go to another game is amazing, but sometimes I feel like a stranger at other games, or even an intruder.  LARP United encourages open sharing of players and ideas, and it gives a player a list of places that he or she can go where they will not only be welcome, but encouraged to multi-LARP!

More cash flow to your game.

Even if you only get one or two players occasionally visiting your game from others, it is still more cash flow.  Usually when people go visiting other games they bring a crowd with them.  Everyone likes to go visiting games with a small army, so it means that, here and there, you will get a surprise influx of fresh blood!

New players bring fresh ideas.

More important, I feel, than the cash flow is the fresh look at the game.  New people means new ideas and fresh faces.  New people bring different twists to story lines, different reactions to NPCs, and new people to talk to around the fire when the NPCs go to bed.  I find that a fresh look at my game often tells me things that I would not normally notice.  Sometimes things as small as something hard to understand in the rules, sometimes as huge as a new way to utilize our equipment and decorations!

Advertising And Announcements

When you become a member of LARP United, one of your owners is invited to be an author on the site.  You get to make posts before and after each of your events to tell the community what you are up to, offer special bonuses, or just to make the announcement!  We also have a number of vendors that work with the LARP United games.  If you know any small or local vendors who would want to be a part of the community, let us know!


We have on LARP United a blog we call Clarify!  This blog is written by the owners and players of the various LU games, and comes with tips and tricks for games, opinions on stats and costumes, and sometimes even instructional photo-galleries for how to make props, weapons and more!  When you become an author on the LU website you automatically gain the ability to post in the Clarify!  Blog, and share your own ideas with the LARPing Community.

What if my game cannot afford a discount?

The benefit that you offer to other gamers does not have to be a monetary discount.  There are plenty of things that your game can offer, and you only offer what you think your game can support!

  • Little, one use items
  • Clean-Up Waiver
  • Mandatory NPC Shift Waiver
  • Some extra gold at each event
  • One or two extra points of some sort
  • Service points
  • Unlockable races
  • Minor nobility

Anything that could encourage other players to come try your game, or encourage your players to go visit other games will work!  It doesn’t have to be much.

When do I start?

As soon as you want!  As soon as you can get in contact with us about what kind of incentives that you want to have for LARP United players, we will be delighted to have you in the team!  Once you are a part of LARP United, you will be added to this site as a contributor and can make posts and changes to assist in your game being highly visible amongst the community!


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