Welcome: Doomsday!

We are excited to welcome Doomsday to the LARP United family!

Doomsday became part of the family at Dreamation, a gaming convention held yearly in Morristown, NJ.


“Doomsday is a Live Action Roleplaying game based in Hamburg PA. Set in a unique Science Fiction universe, our LARP offers players the chance to embody a variety of diverse characters who are putting their societies back together after the collapse of order in the universe.

During our larp events you will step into the action Friday evening and live the adventure all weekend long. We are a live combat larp using padded or “boffer” style weapons to simulate exciting fast paced combat. Every decision is your own and so is every consequence! Forge alliances, build a new empire, or explore the mysteries of the galaxy.”

~From the Doomsday Site


The Doomsday staff is currently deciding what benefit they will award for attending other LARP United events, and as soon as we have that information, we will be updating their page on LARP United to reflect that information.

Welcome to the family!


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