What Benefits should I Offer?

We ask that each game that joins LARP United do two things:

Offer a bonus to players who attend at least one other LARP United game since your last event

Display the LARP United link prominently on your website.  If not on the home page, at least somewhere easy to find.

Many games offer different bonuses, whatever your game feels it can do is amazing.  Some ideas that we have below

  • Little, one use items
  • Clean-Up Waiver
  • Mandatory NPC Shift Waiver
  • Some extra gold at each event
  • One or two extra points of some sort
  • Service points
  • Unlockable races
  • Minor nobility

Anything that could encourage other players to come try your game, or encourage your players to go visit other games will work!  It doesn’t have to be much.


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