Dagorhir, The Realm of Taurendor


The Realm of Taurendor is a chapter of Dagorhir Battle Games, located in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties.

What is Dagorhir?

Founded in 1977 and with over 5,000 members worldwide, Dagorhir is one of the oldest and most popular medieval combat sports around.

We focus on fast-paced, hard contact medieval foam combat. Our realm is home to fighters of all types: stick-jocks, medievalists, chivalric knights, and vikings.

Dagorhir Battle Games combines fast-paced, full-contact medieval combat simulation with elements of live action role-playing. Encompassing elements of both history and fantasy, Dagorhir is both a game and a sport. Participants experience their fantasies on a variety of levels, from combat to merry-making, music and arts & sciences.

Our battles and practices are known for being some of the most intense around, and we guarantee that you will leave any event not just exhausted but also having learned something new. Anyone is welcome to come and learn from us, as we consider mentorship to be the most noble quality of all.

Benefits for Attending Other LARP United Game




Full Contact Foam Combat

We use safely padded weapons to simulate fast-paced, hard hitting Dark Ages combat.


Philadelphia, PA (Event/Practice venue varies)


Combat Practice / Get-Togethers / Gear-Building: Free

Single-Day Battles: $0 – $10

Weekend Campouts: $0 – $20



Food Service

Weekend events typically feature a “Feast” on Saturday night, which is included in your event fee. Otherwise, players should plan to bring their own food and drink.

 Unless noted in the event description, events are also B.Y.O.B. (yes, alcohol is typically allowed at Dagorhir campout events).

Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping arrangements vary depending on the event site, and hosting realm.  Most events are bring-your-own-tent, though some larger campouts provide cabins

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